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Defender Pest Protection is the last exterminator you'll ever need!  With 23 years experience, Defender can handle all your pest and termite control needs.  We are locally owned and operated and serve the North Atlanta area.  We pride ourselves on bringing "service" back to the service industry - give us a try and see for yourself.  Here are some questions we are frequently asked...

·         I currently have a termite agreement, can I switch to DEFENDER?
Absolutely!  Every home is unique and different companies offer varying treatments and guarantees.  The first step would be to set up a complimentary inspection of your home where we'll evaluate both your treatment type and guarantee.  Many times, we can make the switch with little or no change in cost.  Since termite guarantees typically cover a year at a time, we recommend looking at the option of switching when your current agreement is coming up for renewal - you'll know when you get your bill.

 ·    Does my pest control service cover termites too?
        Typically the answer is no.  The majority of companies keep the two separate due to
        the major differences in treatment types and guarantees.  DEFENDER offers both
        services and can easily combine billing and coordinate both treatments at each
        conveniently scheduled visit.

·       Do you offer "low impact" or "green" service?    
  Yes!  We typically recommend keeping pest control applications to a minimum 
        inside a home.  Treating the basement, garage and exterior foundation usually can
        head off an internal infestation with a few exceptions.  For those seeking no 
        "chemical" usage, we offer products featuring natural oils.

·         Can Termites really cause significant damage, my house 
     is nearly new?

        YES!  Termites forage and consume 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  A termite
        colony can easily have hundreds of thousands of members looking for a meal and 
        they don't know your home from a tree stump.  DEFENDER offers guarantees which 
        include damage repair should termites infest, a benefit not often covered by 
        homeowner's insurance policies.

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