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Defender Pest Protection is the last exterminator you'll ever need!  With 23 years experience, Defender can handle all your pest and termite control needs.  We are locally owned and operated and serve the North Atlanta area.  We pride ourselves on bringing "service" back to the service industry - give us a try and see for yourself.  Here's a list of what we offer....

  General Pest Control:                           Termite Control:
Ø  Ants                                                 Ø  Bait systems
Ø  Centipedes                                      Ø  Liquid treatment
Ø  Crickets                                           Ø  Wood treatments
Ø  Earwigs                                           Ø  Damage guarantees available
Ø  Mice
Millipedes                                            Mosquito Control:
Ø  Rats                                                 Ø  Vegetation treatment
Ø  Roaches                                           Ø  Growth regulation
Ø  Silverfish                                          Ø  Structural treatment
Ø  Spiders 

Wood Infestation Inspection Reports: 
Ø  Sellers                         Ø  Buyers                  Ø  Agents (listing letters)

When BUGS DEFENDER!           770-592-5094

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